How do I disable the notifications of the Chromecast in other mobile?

for some time, Google Cast to send content to my TV. After analyzing the Xiaomi Mi Box I could not resist to stay with him and use it on my TV without a Smart TV by the functions that everyone wants.

yes, there is one thing Google Cast that I don’t like too much, and is that this, by default, shown to the other members of our WiFi network that we are playing through the Google Cast, in either the Chromecast or any Android TV. The worst thing is not display the content we are playing, what is worse is that the other person we can remove it, or pause, as does my brother when I have this option enabled.

configurar nuevo chromecast de google

How to remove the notification from the mobile?

Today I’ll tell you one thing, this notification can be removed easily and others will no longer be able to control it. That is to say, there is a way to do that this option does not quit and that no one will your house be able to control.

From a few months ago all the devices that use Google Cast show this option by default to users that are connected to the same WiFi network that your and in addition your father or your mother will not like this notification and, when deleted, will be removed from the content of the TV. Until now it was possible to delete an individual device, but not all the others.

Now, Google, has changed this option and already allows to disable it by following these simple steps:

  • Enters the application Google Home (which formerly handled the Chromecast). It is possible you don’t have already installed that Android allows you to send content without it but you can download it from Google Play.
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the Devices.
  • Now look for the card of the Chromecast or device that you want to configure.
  • Tap the menu button and access the settings of the device.
  • In the section “device Information” you will have a option that you’ll need to disable the “Allow other users to control the multimedia content that you send”.

once this option off is over the nightmare, anyone who is on your WiFi you can control what you see or play in this device, nor can disconnect it remotely. It is very easy, it ended up that of your brother do you remove what you’re playing because you want to play PlayStation.

Source | Google

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