How do I block a user on Google Allo?


Google has released, in final form, Google Allo. This is the new messaging app from Google that copy to WhatsApp but what is certain is that in addition to copying the philosophy of the most famous offers an extra value to the users.

Google wants to enter fully in the applications for whatsappear and launch a copy as all the world deserves but Allo is not a simple WhatsApp, is the most comprehensive and is supplemented by the Duo that allows you to make video calls in a simple way. Allo is so powerful that many times the users can be even confused with so many options and that is why there is more explain some things which, a priori, should be simple.

Google Allo copia WhatsApp

How to block a user on Google Allo?

As in many messaging applications, maybe we don’t want to discuss with all the contacts that have Google Allo and that is why the time has come to explain how blocking a user in Google Allo.

The reasons why someone would want to block a user may be diverse but we’re going to explain two ways to block a user:

  • , we Can press on the contact, within the list of contacts and hold down on the name until a menu appears on the screen, the last option in this menu is the option Block. If you click on it will block the contact.
  • The other method is also simple, we access the chat window of the user you want to block, and clicking on the profile image, a new menu appears. Select the Details option in the chat and you will see a window similar to the one that we see in the featured image, you only need to click on Block and ready, we will have blocked the contact. It looks good because it is a red button very large.

Now, you should know that, like in other apps, when you block a user, this stops to be able to appear in a conversation window, it is impossible to add to a group and little more, but when we are in a joint group for the contact you can continue reading our messages and we theirs.

And yes, in Allo you can even lock himself Google Assistant if it bothers you a lot and that is of great utility for many people. Still not just arrived and we are already blocking users… that bad we are.

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