How can I play Brawl Stars from my PC

3 days Ago Supercell premiered at the global level Brawl Stars, their most recent game that, apparently, is destined to leave behind the legendary Clash Royale. The app is available for Android and for iOS. But what if you want to play it from the PC How can I play Brawl Stars in Windows?

The first thing you should know is that the game is made only for mobile devices and tablets. But quiet, there are many emulators from the Android stable that you’ll be able to play it from your computer. However, we will let you the two best options for that do not have doubts about choosing.

what emulators I can play Brawl Stars?

Memu Play

This first option is the most simple, as long as they have an AMD processor (x86) or Intel processor, 1 GB of RAM and 2GB of hard drive space, you’ll be able to use this tool. Mamu Play is fast, easy to use and without any kind of problem when you download the app you want.


This option is without a doubt one of the most powerful. If you own a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, Intel or AMD processors, at least 2 GB of RAM, which will be aimed completely to the emulator, and 4 GB of memory available on the hard disk this is the best option for me.

BluStacks is recognized by running all of the games available on PlayStore regardless of the requirements that ask for the application.

¿How to work the emulators?

emulators for Android are as if you were working with a tablet but from your PC. The design and manner of use are the same. So once you have installed either of these options, you will need to complete the registration as if you were turning an Android device for the first time. Things like:

  • Choose the language to your liking
  • Put your Gmail e-mail
  • Choose time zone, etc

well now that you’re in the main menu of your emulator, you should only enter the PlayStore and register your e-mail Gmail. Once you have done this you will be able to search for and download play.

¿What are you waiting for? Download your emulator and start playing since Brawl Stars. If you liked this article or you have more questions déjanosla in the comments.

If you are a beginner, here we leave you a guide with 15 tips for winning Brawl Stars. As the game is very recent, you may not know what are the 5 best brawlers . Click here if you want to know.

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