How can I identify a smartphone false?

Sure that any opportunity you have heard, seen and even said that a mobile has more pint of be false and completely original. So for today, get out of doubts, today you will discover part of the effective techniques to discover if a mobile device is a copy.

The most effective methods to know if a smartphone is false

  • Test the phone up and down (nothing to buy with only seeing pictures)

This often do many people, and is the first thing that will lead us to discover if a phone has an interface more false than a ticket of 6 euros. The speed, gestures, notifications, screen resolution… these are the main points that you must verify. If the thing looks 100%, it is time to move on to the next trick.

  • Checks the hardware with the original specifications

The specifications on the screen, battery, fingerprint reader, NFC, processor, RAM, etc. All this must be revised due to that the charge of falsification of mobile start to change essential components of a device.

  • to Test the camera, it is also essential

Both the front camera as the front should have the same features and functions official. After having taken a couple of photos you can go to the app gallery to see the details of the image and to know if the megapixel match the specifications.

  • The app CPU-Z will help you review the key components and the software of your mobile

it Is the last step of the listing and serves to get to the root of a lot of details of the mobile device. Then we’ll leave you the link of downloading free of charge for you to download it, go in and to verify certain details of your mobile phone as the processor and its cores, architecture, GPU and speed, Android version, RAM, developer, battery, among other things.

I realised that I have been cheated, what do I do now?

Depending on how you have been scammed you will be able to take action to recover your money, but this can almost always end in your favor by using the method of payment. For example, if you have paid with PayPal or any other platform of digital payments, you can request a copy of the payment receipt and apply for the dispute of the article.

In this sense PayPal offers buyer protection, so if you prove that you were sold a copy, you can recover your money (here you can know how long it takes to get a refund).

, pay with a credit card can also help you to which the bank will to lend a hand, and aim for a chargeback. But yes, seeks at all costs to pay with cash.

Knowing the above, did you check if your mobile phone is genuinely original?

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