Hootsuite is renewed Material Design in version 3.0


For those users who spend much of their day typing on informing and successful social network Twitter on Android is difficult to decide which would be the client with better design and utility for oneself , and there are great options like Falcon, Fenix ​​or Carbon, but others do not inquire much and conform to the official version.

If none of the above convinces you, Hootsuite comes with its new update to version 3.0, which welcomes Material Design as interface design, interesting news and issues refurbished thanks to proceed AndroidPolice go over

  • New design Material Design
  • The tabs and columns are synchronized with the web
  • Starts directly in the right column
  • Displays images in full screen, save or share plus
  • Slide to hide or remove other social networks added
  • Improved support for Android Wear
  • And much more!

If you you manage them different social networks as do community managers is a good choice since allows viewing and create content in multiple accounts from a single application, with all the updated and simplified functions , together with the excellent design enjoys from now. And if you’re a regular user, also will help you organize your tabs and timelines easily and clearly.

Hootsuite Material Design smartphones

Also, note that is free and gives much for nothing in return , so it is a good choice to spend your time on social networks.

What is your favorite Twitter client?

Google Play | Hootsuite (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Hootsuite is renewed Material Design in version 3.0 to make your mark.

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