Honor launches two new services to improve customer support


Increasingly more potential manufacturers appear on the market, which of course put in a good predicament to the veterans offering excellent handsets with great specifications at a reduced cost since more expensive does not always mean more quality terminal , that’s where attacks Huawei with its range of terminals called Honor, where we saw great potential in the Mobile World Congress this year with the 4X Honor and Honor 6 Plus.

But all is not price or specification also matters much technical support and warranty from the manufacturer, where in many cases it is harmful therefore do not take care of the problems you suffer or you are calling about repair costs needlessly.

On the other hand, Honor wants to offer good support to their customers by launching two new services both repair and priority to those who want it, and this is’ Honor VIP Replacement Service ‘and’ Honor Elite ‘, because thanks to the source proceed to discuss its meaning.

Honor VIP Replacement Service_1

If so your terminal Honor Honor 6 Plus 6 or suffer any mishap and unusable, users themselves should not pass through the methods that offer guarantees, if not directly request replacement device and in the same shipment to the door of your home you can send the old order to avoid scroll service transport and messaging, where he also will charge for shipping.

Input, will begin its expansion in the UK and the service will be operational in late April.

Honor Elite

themselves have wanted to form a club called Elite Honor, where all users who show interest in the community, where they will receive an invitation access to instant notifications about events, contests, offers even 24 hours before everyone else.

These events come to be party invitations fans opportunities to participate in the events of Honor as it could be a new product presentations or topics of updates, both information and services in beta.

And last but not least, may even give you the chance to test their terminals , because the intention is to bring their products to the public so that they themselves see the quality and take greater account of the signature when purchasing your next terminal.

Many manufacturers should give more importance to after-sales service, because as I said above, in many cases is horrible and even themselves do not take care of some problems, but Honor does not want to be like other and these services adds more points if possible.

Of course it is gaining its place in the market and is a firm to consider, should be followed closely and of course we will.

And you do you think? Head over to Honor launches two new services to improve customer support to make your mark.

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