Here are the photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge against the iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 y S6 Edge

definitely terminal most surprised at the Mobile World Congress Samsung Galaxy S6 was the Edge , a powerful phone with good specifications, fluid and with a nice design. Being sensible, high-end terminals few get to face, and one of them is the iPhone 6 Plus, the flagship of Apple is always a reference to compare with high-end Android.

On this occasion let’s see what the photographs taken by iPhone 6 Plus and how are the pictures taken by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . Always in the same conditions and situations, so in theory it is a fair comparison, comes into play not only hardware said chambers but also software .

In the comparison made by a Danish blog can see how each image in the iPhone 6 Plus is located at the top and iSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge at the bottom . Also in each of the images we bring different prints to see in detail how each camera works.

  • High Contrast Photography: The differences are almost negligible in general and with good light conditions both phones come with a powerful camera where the colors go really well. Perhaps the point is for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge when enlarge and view details, is what you have to have more megapixels in the camera.

  • Low light Photography: Again the differences are not great until we expand and we see that more clearly shows the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In low light conditions both phones met, although there is enough noise in both images. Plus for iPhone 6 Plus for white balance, which is much more coherent than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, where everything seems more yellowish.

  • Photography detail We can see how the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is better light and shadows. Especially note the color of the string, where the iPhone 6 Plus he gets an optimization softweare remarkable. Expanding the image regains the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

So in general we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has better than the iPhone 6 Plus camera. The pros are the high dynamic range, better camera resolution and obviously best videos on issue resolution.

For an average user the differences are negligible and find two very powerful cameras. Personally I have tried both cameras and photographs of everyday life that we do with the phone no reason to opt for one or the other . However, one drawback to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge -and also for the Samsung Galaxy E6- is the white balance, we can see in the comparative low light, but in general terms there are also differences, much to my liking . Luckily it’s something that can be fixed with an update software .

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