Haven’t seen the new app drawer and widgets?

Esto es lo que opinamos del nuevo cajón de aplicaciones y widgets

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow we have not only immersed in the app drawer, which many users already have in their Android Lollipop, but we also find a drawer for widgets. Store of this new way applications and widgets is really interesting, because it is a change, a novelty, not because it is better. This is our opinion on the application drawer on Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

What seems to us the app drawer in Marshmallow?

The new app drawer, allows us to not only access our favorite apps all the time, but it also integrates a search engine to find that app we are looking for. You only need to enter the keyword in the search box to view the search result. What we see in the following image, it’s great:

Opinión cajón de aplicaciones en Android 6.0 Marshmallow
What has surprised us, is that in the case of widgets, we also found ourselves with a drawer, a list down, that we may find our favorite widgets and so put in an easy way on the desktop. You do not have loss.

We have been surprised without a doubt, because non had this change, but it is much more easy to find now widgets that way paged.

finds faster than ever

As we see in the above image, we have more to hand all applications, just slip them on instead of having to advance from page. So, if we look for a particular app just have to write it, and thus gain access to all the apps and pages that meet this criterion, but we can also go to the Android system.

The new way to organize everything without a doubt, is great, a lot more modern and fresh to give a change to the operating system. Without a doubt, the guys from Google are doing very well, introducing new ways of doing things.

What do you think of the app drawer and widgets? Don’t hesitate on these days.

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