Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket, capturing compatible portable video games with Xbox One and PS4

Hauppauge just announced the launch of its new gameplays Grabber The HD PVR Rocket at Paris Games Week . This new model of market-leading manufacturer of complete range of HD PVR 2 GE and HD PVR 2 GE PLUS .


This product is geared for players who want to play their games during tournaments or areas that do not necessarily have a computer and books by subject, need a small, lightweight device. HD PVR Rocket is movie Portable short: it’s small enough to fit in your hand and weighs only 130g

HD PVR. Rockt portable capture for all consoles and PC


“Many of our customers asked recorder players high quality game, it was portable. HD PVR Rocket can be gaming events to record the game and game commentary, and does not need a PC or Mac to record “ said Ken Plotkin President Hauppauge.

Besides its small size, the HD PVR Rocket wearing a integrated audio mixer so players can record their comments during the battles with the game audio. Professional players often make comments headlines to describe their movements and strategies of the game, and is one of the most used recorders HD gameplay elements. You can connect a microphone to integrated in the front of the HD PVR Rocket contact and integrated audio mixer audio record the game and comments Player. HD PVR Rocket has a control panel that allows players to adjust the microphone volume.

To store recordings of the matches when used without a computer, HD PVR Rocket equipped with an USB port where the player can connect USB flash drive up to 16GB to play the game. You can take up to four hours playing video games with a resolution HD 1080p . This USB connector makes it very convenient to use USB memory to record the games.

When registered, give Hauppauge a Windows program called Hauppauge Capture can be used to raise moves to Youtube . This application allows users to select their videos and upload them to YouTube channel. Users can create channels Youtube, store and publish their best moves with comments using HD PVR Rocket. Recordings made with HD PVR Rocket is also compatible with Mac can be edited with iMovie and get on Youtube.


HD PVR recorders 2 offer the highest quality video recording and streaming market and used as capture studio, but requires a PC or a Mac to run. For its part, the new HD PVR Rocket, do not need your computer and capture size is travel and tournaments.

The Rocket HD PVR can play games in HD up to 1080p from any PC , all PlayStation and Xbox, including the new consoles XBox One and PS4. Any game system using HDMI video connections (no HDCP) or component can be recorded with the HD PVR Rocket, including gaming systems based on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Wii U . Sony has recently announced that PlayStation 4 will its new game console will be launched in 2013, will also support recording via the HDMI port.

Availability and price

The HD PVR Rocket is now available in Spain with pre-orders at Media Markt, Fnac and games from November 12 . Suggested retail is € 159.90 .

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