Handwriting: the best app to take handwritten notes on Android

Currently, there are many ways to keep notes on your Android device. Yes, there’s an app at the official store of applications that stands out above the rest. We are talking about Handwriting, the best alternative to take handwritten notes on Android.

Above the screens were not as large and therefore was not as effective taking notes on a smartphone. Today, things have changed quite a bit, we live in a universe of giant screens on which you can make a lot of things. Handwriting, for example, will become your best ally to take notes by hand.

How to take handwritten notes on Android

Handwriting is an application completely free that you can install on your smartphone to take notes by hand. It is as if your mobile phone become a free that you can scratch whenever you want and as you want.

In this tool you will be able to create multiple notebooks with unlimited pages to make all the notes or scribbles you like. You can to export your creations PDF and then share them to free will in a simple manner.

in case outside little, includes interesting customization possibilities. Handwriting allows you to import images and use the background that you like. You can also to change the color and name of all your books. In addition, it includes several types of pencils and each one provides a writing different. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to give a personal touch to this tool so interesting.

Although there are many ways in the Android world is taking notes by hand, Handwriting is an application especially designed for it. For this reason, experience that is fun and different to what is offered by other similar applications.

If you want to convert your mobile into a free, because Handwriting is the application that you must install. From now on you will know where to capture all those ideas that come to mind and you need to write down before it’s too late.

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