Guide Tornado Clash Royale: how to play, stop, video and more

The Tornado of Clash Royale is the new letter that you are close to reaching the game of Supercell. We know that in less than 2 weeks we will have this letter between us, this particular Friday was not, but the following (9 days exactly). This letter is a letter epic that has a very good pint. The cost of elixir is only 3, so that it is a letter that has no waste and that will surely fit very well in the new decks from the game.

you can Not miss the following video in which Álvaro tells us a little bit of this letter, at least what little we know so far:

Tornado of Clash Royale, conócelo

This is the the first letter that comes to Clash Royale in November, exactly in 9 days. The tornado at level 1 has the following characteristics: “drag the enemy troops to the center of the tornado while causing damage with the passage of time. Does not affect structures“.

  • Targets: troops.
  • Damage per second: 44.
  • Duration: 3 seconds.
  • Radio: 5.

Affects the troops and the damage per second is 44, taking into account that lasts 3 seconds, you can get an idea of what it is capable and the damage that can be removed. It is not solely intended to attack, but its aim is to attract the cards enemy towards the center of the tornado, so that the tower can weaken those cards. Is something as well as a means to an end. Help you win time and the fact that many cards can fall thanks to the tornado.

A letter that will arrive in November

Is the first to have done so the new lot of 4 cards to Clash Royale. It is an epic. Not be difficult to get, but it will not be easy to have many.

You we will tell you more as we receive new data. How to play with this tornado more or less we are an idea (to attract the cards enemy to the tower, the weakened). But how to stop it, for now it is an unknown. This update came in yesterday to the devices. Soon more information.

What do you think of this tornado?

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