Guide: How stories work of Instagram?

Historias Instagram

Instagram has the sights set on Snapchat and it is that Facebook has tried to buy it a lot of times and not yet succeeded. Now, in a desperate attempt, Facebook has opted to simply copy and launch the stories on Instagram.

Yesterday Facebook made the official announcement, and we confirmed that it would arrive in time for iOS and Android but what is certain is that yesterday have come the stories and the people still have doubts of how they work and what are they for.

The stories of Instagram

The stories of Instagram allows us to add photos and videos in time to our followers. The stories will have a life of 24 hours as this material will be more personal and less edited, a material less professional than that normally we do not want to have published on our profile for a long time.

As these moments are temporary, no need to worry about how to get out in those photos, shared on Instagram and deleted 24 hours, it is a good option to upload photos that do not want to keep, or that you might repent.

The publications are deleted after 24 hours

How to see the stories of other users?

When you enter in the timeline of Instagram see above new icons with circles, if you click on them you will see the latest stories uploaded to Instagram. On the contrary, if you want to see a particular story you just have to enter in a profile on Instagram and click on the profile picture of this, there is where you will be history if it exists.

When we enter into the stories these will advance automatically, such as slides. When you tap the left edges or right to go to the next or previous picture, and in the case of slide switches, as a friend. The stories are fast moving so it is vital to make sure who is the story (you’ll see the profile picture in the top left corner).

Comentario historia Instagram

can You comment on the stories of Instagram?

While you see a story you’ll be able to swipe up at any time to send you a private message about a photo or video in particular that you’re seeing, are going to be able to see the photo or video in question, in the messages from Instagram direct to find out why they say so. Once you have deleted the photo within 24 hours you will not be able to see the message and their relationship so it is important to take this into account.

How to publish a story?

We go in our profile and up in the home tab, you will see in the part top left, an icon that puts +. Once you give permission to Instagram to make photos and videos you will be presented with the camera interface to launch content.

can Be to enable or disable the LED flash and switch between cameras. You can also see the photos stored in your device in the last 24 hours and when you press on the shutter button it takes a picture and if it is pressed continuously recording a video of up to 15 seconds in length.

, you Can record videos up to 15 seconds

once you have taken the photo or video will be able to apply different filters and place text on any part of the screen. After you apply the text you can move it, rotate it with two fingers and zoom in or rotate the image with gestures of forceps. If you use the marker you can also make scribbles (there are many tips and colors).

once you have the picture or video ready and you’ve added the filters, doodles, text, or anything, you only need to click on the load button white in the bottom center of the screen. If you want to save in the device you can use the button on the bottom right so that it is stored in it.

Editar Historia Instagram

Who can see my stories of Instagram?

once published you’ll be able to see who has seen your history even though you may mark people that you don’t want to see, will continue to be your friends and being able to do what up to now but not be able to see your stories.

privacy is important in the history of Instagram

you can Also adjust the options for everyone to send you messages and to control the privacy of your stories. In case that you regret, you can delete the betados of your stories and come back to see them, it is very easy. If your account is public anyone can see your stories and if it is private, only your followers can see it.

thank you great updates, the truth is that despite having copied it to another App that does not mean that this feature is not interesting. The new stories are fun and 100% free for all. We’re going to spend a great day with the new stories of Instagram.

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