GoPro Karma is closer than ever, the drone GoPro

GoPro Karma

drones are fashionable and the truth is that after seeing how Xiaomi landed with your Xiaomi Mi-Drone company, action cameras and more famous on the planet, GoPro, also intends to launch a drone in a very short time.

Now GoPro seems to have the GoPro Karma more ready than ever and has begun to give clues of its prototype in the web. Already in may of 2015, its CEO, began to show videos of a prototype in your website but don’t know how GoPro will be able to surprise you with his drone Karma. GoPro to present the karma September 19, of this same year.

Dron Karma GoPro

GoPro Karma: drone professional GoPro

GoPro has said that his drone professional will be a quadcopter equipped with a camera. Now, we don’t know how it will really be Karma, and although have enclosed a photo we do not believe that such is the drone GoPro.

According to the reports, the drone will have a shaft motor designed to hold the GoPro and this way earn much money. Sell the drone cheaper than a drone normal but you need to buy the GoPro and that makes the price of the drone is shoot for the one that does not.

Seems that the dron Karma GoPro would be presented along with the GoPro Hero 5. We hope that, after taking blind for a time, GoPro will be encouraged to launch something new and innovative indeed. It is true that the GoPro works very well, but some competitors have made similar products at much lower prices.

The Drone GoPro you might need a GoPro

the launch of the Karma does not have much to really see with Android or iOS but we believe that this drone could be controlled directly with the mobile or, at least, see the images obtained from the same on the mobile device.

we also Hope that the karma of GoPro is a drone with GPS and a range of decent, if the drone manages to have a range close to or more than 25 minutes and an adjusted price (less than 500 euros in case you need a GoPro), you can put things difficult to the DJI Phantom, a classic that works really well.

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