Google will decide the design of the new Nexus, but will manufacture HTC

Nuevos Nexus HTC 2016

Sundar Pichar has confirmed that Google doesn’t manufacture the Nexus, but will decide more than ever how will be the design of them. We will, that will be more on the design of their devices from now on. A few changes that we would see with the entry of the new Nexus of 2016, which we expect from October Android N so official.

it Is clear that one of the ways that the new Nexus to come forward and have more success, is by being more on top of what you really want to get. And so do, as we could know through The Verge. We do not know the reason for this, but you may not be happy with the results of the previous Nexus, by specifying that they have been able to overlook.

Google quiere fabricar los Nexus

Google doesn’t manufacture the Nexus, but the design

Google is not going to make your Nexus from scratch, as well as it has done with other devices like the Chromecast from Google or Pixel C. however, we do know that it will continue to work with the respective manufacturers, like HTC, to manufacture the new Nexus from Google. Where is the difference? In which it was said that he wanted to manufacture their Nexus, but this will not happen at least this year, even though it will be more on top of what your design will be most demanding.

Google wants to have a full control over your Nexus, more than ever. But for now, not be in charge themselves of their manufacture from scratch as they do with other devices that you mentioned, and as will be with the new Google Home.

HTC will manufacture the new Nexus

we Know that Google will work with HTC to manufacture the new Nexus. But we will see a Google much more on top of the manufacturers, in this case HTC for everything to be done according to their standards and not them is detail. Now yes you will have a deeper check on their specifications and their physical appearance, for what is sure to be perfect for most fans of Google.

These new Nexus are painted to be perfect.

can’t wait to meet them! What do you expect of the new Nexus from Google?

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