Google Wallet has been updated to the v11.0 with improvements to download the apk!

Google Wallet

That we can pay from the mobile is already almost a custom among us. Every day are more sites which allows you to pay with your mobile without having to use cards or real money. This is a complete breakthrough for us because, if we don’t have money in our wallet to buy something, we can always use our mobile or to make a transfer to the card (if applicable), or to use it as a method of payment thanks to the applications that we have available to do this.

But if we go back in time, before it was not thinkable that we could pay from our terminal. With the passing of the years, we have been perfecting the technology that has given way to this. With this have emerged, the managers of our money, which allow us to make purchases through them as is the case of PayPal or Google Wallet. Google Wallet, which allowed for years to transfer money between users has released a new application, which explicitly distances itself from NFC payments, to make way for Android Pay.

This jump, it causes the application Google Wallet is receiving updates, and this is one of them.

New functions and bugs fixed

The new version of Google Waller v11.0-R234-v13 incorporates a number of new features and bug fixes. One of the changes is to add support to several bank accounts what is a good change because, although Google has allowed us to manage multiple credit or debit cards, has always limited oddly to the users to be able to have more than one bank account. This caused the application to stay a little old-fashioned and more taking into account its main feature was to make transactions between people. The latest version solves this problem by allowing users to have bank accounts and additional.

google wallet en android ultima

Another of the features of this new version is the addition of a button lock which allows you to have privacy in your how to use your mobile phone don’t come in. To this end they have incorporated a button (“lock now”) located at the bottom of the navigation menu that complies with this function.


APK is signed by Google and update it will change the old application to the current one. To part, the signature is secure so there will be no problems when installing it (because we have to in account that the APK is hosted on APK Mirror).

APK Mirror | Google Wallet

What do you think about Google Wallet? Do you believe that this division is a good idea?

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