Google Shop, the first physical store Google finally opens its doors

Google Shop

This week if a manufacturer engaged in giving news is Google, well Apple too, but we are interested plus the great search engine, and is the company of the big G has been charged fairly important news first new Chromebook Pixel for this 2015 after two years waiting for a replacement for the first version, the second, the new on-line store finder and the third, which is now our turn, the first physical store Google , opened in London.

The store that seeks to offer opportunity for customers to test all the products offered by the search engine , smartphones , tablets, laptops Chromebook, Chromecasts and experience some applications Google has opened its doors in Tottenham Court Road in London.

Google Shop

Some of these new services that wants to bring Google are “Portal”, a wraparound screen with which users can bring anywhere in the world using Google Earth. The Doodle wall also looks good, a wall where we can make digital graffiti with spray cans and provide the vision that every user has the now famous Google logo. How could it be otherwise, the last special place is a Chromecast Pod, a place to enjoy all the content that Google provides.

On the other hand the idea of ​​ store is to be a place to teach, where people can take classes and events , which will show you how the devices work, understand basic concepts of products and technology in general. It will also have an annual system-oriented smaller so they can learn how devices work internally camps not only learn how to use smartphone , but go a step further. In short, as Google says an “Open House” events and classes so that everyone can understand the technology that surrounds them.

Google Shop

The most important thing is to see and touch all devices that have that relationship with Google , from the Nexus family smartphones and tablets via Chromecast until all devices with Chrome OS, not just the Chromebook Pixel newly introduced, but other brands.

For those who do not live in London, Google also wants us to bring this experience, and although it has nothing to do with reality, we can make a virtual visit to this store in London through the Google Shop at Currys VR Tour available on Google Play and Google Cardboard.


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