Google presents Stay, a gaming platform, streaming

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After various rumors finally those of Mountain View have been presented platform games in streaming with the aim to change the way we play.

The idea of Google is that anyone can play the best video games of the moment without the need to spend large sums of money on the latest consoles on the market.

does Google Stay is the future of video games?

The only thing that we will need to play in Stay Google is an Internet connection and a computer with Chrome, a smartphone, or a television that has a Chromecast.

Google Stay you do not need to download any game or that we have a robust console because the games will be hosted in the cloud, it is only a matter of connect and begin to enjoy. We can also forget about having to download any update because Google will do it for you.

The platform of Stay have a graphic processing capability of 10.7 Teraflops, which would be more than double of what you own a PS4 Pro (4.2 teraflops) and almost the double of what is offered by the Xbox One X (6.0 teraflops).

Stavia has its own control

Control Stadia

This control allows us to play on the platform from any device, which is a value added, because only we will have to learn to control a single knob. Although we also have the option of not buying it and using our keyboard, mouse, mobile phone or any remote control of third parties.

we Can transmistir games live to our youtube channel

The remote has a very attractive look and well-known to gamers as is very similar to the controls of the PlayStation. Connects directly to the WiFi network instead of the device that we are using to reduce the latency. It also has a button that enables you to stream live to our YouTube channel.

it is undoubtedly a concept that will disappear the large consoles in the very near future. Although we must say that is not an original idea of Google already there are applications such as Vortex, however none with the capacity of servers with that feature of Google.