Google Play Services is updated to version 7.3 with interesting news

Google Play Services

Every few weeks, Google updated Google Play Services, both new users with new features and amenities, as well as to improve the API for developers and facilitate their work.

This time, Google has updated directly to the version 7.3 because this brings a somewhat interesting developments. First, we find an improved user interface for those who want to add a personal radio that once the user accesses it, the passwords and security methods is disable if they wish so, in a nutshell would say security zones .

Moreover, all those who have in your possession a device with Android Wear surely know the persistent notification that appeared when a smartwatch was matched to your terminal, because with this new update it is possible to eliminate such notice which previously could not officially.

GPS 7.3 Screenshots

This would be the highlight, and not surprisingly comes with it numerous minor changes at the level of standard users are not required, but if we emphasize the detail in Google+ since its last update with this, adds animation the arrow gesture pull-to-refresh , commonly known as refresh the page by sliding.

If you wish to apply and enjoy these developments, remember consult the correct number of your version of Google Play Services “Settings”> “Applications”> “All”> “Services Google Play” as the one on your terminal is you have to download from the following link.

APKMirror | Google Play Services 7.3

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