Google Play Games v5.12, many new features and a dark theme for the platform of Android games

The guys from Google today celebrated its 20 years of life, and have done so in our country, gathering 20 ‘doodles’ that pay tribute to the Spanish culture. But not only have state of celebration, because today Google Play Games receives update v5.12 with a good amount of news.

The first of these is the touch-ups on the interface Material Theme platform Android games, that has changed several things, among which are profile pages, divided now into three tabs with the games, our achievements and our community of friends added.

on the other hand, everything is more spacious and clean, with more information in the section “My games” where it now displays the last time that we played each title, or when we installed it, along with the unlocked achievements. In this section, now also indicates the level of rarity or difficulty of each achievement achieved in our games.

New ‘easter egg’, a jumping game infinite type Doodle Jump

we Already know that Google likes to surprise and make jokes, so that the new easter egg Play Games it will not surprise anyone, or at least not its existence. It is a mini-game casual with aesthetic ochentera, very similar to the Dino -_easter egg of Chrome, and with a gameplay similar to Doodle Jump.

apparently is called Boingo, and in him we will manage a small android pixel automatically skipped leading them from platform to platform, with some that will help us and others that complicate our evolution.

to access it, you will have to enter in the section “Arcade” within Google Play Games, and once in the menu of the Arcade you should press and hold the icon of the section.

By the teardown made in Android Police the new version of Play Games, the v5.12, we know that Google works in is a widget for the desktop and also in new channels of notification, a feature that anticipates the management, multiplayer turn-based or games rooms.

Play Games also get the desired Dark Theme

it Seems that dark themes are out of fashion in Android, and what they are after ourselves criticásemos openly so absurdly white that it was becoming the mobile operating system of Google.

YouTube for Android you already have one, the Messages app from Google and also the Google Phone is waiting for very shortly, so that seems to confirm that the giant of Mountain View will offer the option to users to turn on these requested themes dark in practically all applications.

The Google Play Games I will show you next up here, and as in all cases maintains the design of the interface Material Theme going to a palette of colors where the protagonist is the dark gray, a hue you do not end up being that deep black that take advantage of panels OLED.

Be that as it may, we always welcome the options and perhaps, one day, that selector that allows to change the whole operating system to a dark mode according to our needs or tastes of each one. For now, we leave you with the link to the app store to download the latest version of Google Play Games:

Google Play Games (free) | Play Store

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Via | Android Police | xda-developers

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