Google Pixel, in Spain, when?


we Know that the next week, the privileged users of certain points of the map such as the USA, will be able to buy the Google Pixel. And not only that, because you will receive gift a DayDream VR valued at $ 79. However, we in Spain we do not know when will the Google Pixel. This was already happening with the Nexus (to depart earlier there than here). So everything indicates that the Pixel would come to the end of the month, we will, in 2 weeks or so we could be in Spain at prices very crazy.

On October 31, it is possible that we have the Google Pixel in the shop (hopefully before). Sure that for the next week, from the day that can buy in USA (now you can reserve), we may finally know the date to Spain and other places.


Google Pixel launch in Spain

Although the Google Pixel they’re going to cost an eye of the face, we are curious to know when they will arrive at the Google Store. All the years they landed (the Nexus) between October and November. Therefore, it is possible to reach in a period of 2 weeks at least, to reserve and then to buy directly. Look at the good side, with these terminals, of Google you will have no problems stock…

The release would come at the end of October to Spain. The price, as has been speculated, possibly from 759 € for the small model. We are eager to have him among us, but we don’t want to take a complete disappointment. As it has not been confirmed the price we have the hope as yet, that Google will reconsider… but if you have not done so in Germany, here it looks like that because of the transformation from dollars to euros, go to a cost you similar. A lot of money!

We are near to have it in Google Store

we Estimate 2-3 weeks from now, possibly the end of October in Spain.

we’ll leave You the link to the Google Store to take a look to see if you find while reading this article. You don’t know when they will be hanged! It is possible that the next Wednesday or Friday know more, Google tends to surprise us in those days.

what do You think? Go in the store to see if they are already …

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