Google Pixel filtering in a new color, mysterious


┬┐have You seen the new color mysterious Google Pixel? Everything indicates that finally we will not 3, but 4 colors for the new Pixel from Google. A terminal that aims high, but it is possible that it is quite expensive, something that will pull back many fans again. While we look forward to October 4, to know everything, we are going to show you what this color is mysterious.

As we have seen in Phone Arena, a new color has been filtered. Although the result is a little ugly, it seems that we will have a Google Pixel gold. Is rose gold strange. As the image is not of supreme quality and can’t see perfect, but yes that seems to be a variant of rose-gold. Not a bad idea, especially for the female audience. As well as a Google Pixel completely white.


Google Pixel is in gold and the other completely white

Everything indicates that we will have a new Google Pixel. So, for now, has not been confirmed -and that will have to wait until next October 4, is the list of colors in which we will have available for purchase.

These are the color of the new Pixel and Pixel XL for the moment: gray, white, black and gold. It had been leaked a long time ago, as we see in the cover image is a variant in red, but since we don’t see it in the final filtration, so that could be a rumor no more. But yes, it is possible to change the covers in the rear by how it is designed the terminal, although it is not known.

what The best color of the Pixel?

For different tastes. In gray and in black is pretty good. If you want to innovate a little, as the gold is a good color. Not looks perfect in the photo, but of course that has no waste.

The target integer is a bit strange, because it breaks a bit with the design of the terminal, that is, precisely, to have half one color and half of another. But who knows the colors that we will finally, we will continue to very outstanding to tell you about it all.

don’t hesitate to tell us your preferred colour in the comments.

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