Google Pixel 3: How will the new hybrid with Andromeda?


it Is the month of Google, all the world is waiting and we don’t just want to know what will happen with the launch of the new Pixel, but that is played has in vilo to the community of Android.

has spoken of the he existence of an Android-exclusive in the new Pixel that has not yet been confirmed, surely there is a new version of Android next October 4 and also we could meet the new project of Google, Andromeda.


What is Andromeda and how it will be the Pixel 3 of Google?

Yesterday I talked about Andromeda, what could be the merger between Chrome OS and Android and now it appears that has leaked a new device from the company, the Pixel 3 of Google that would come in the fall of 2017 premiering the new project of the big G.

For the moment it is still early to talk about it for sure but what is certain is that Android has its future at stake and we will be attentive to know what happens finally with our default operating system, the preferred of most of us and what could be a future option correct.

How will the Pixel 3 of Google?

as Well as Andromeda will be a fusion the new Pixel 3 could be a merger between the Chromebook Pixel and Google Pixel C. this is Not the first time that Google used the word Pixel in a device and that denotes quality for all sides.

The funny thing is that the Pixel 3 would replace two projects and launch them in just one. The Pixel 3 would be a laptop of 12.3 inches with a modern design although we do not know whether inside will be a Intel Core M3, Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 16 GB of RAM, or between 32 and 128 GB of SSD storage. Rumors speak of these figures but we cannot confirm, there is also talk of the possibility of to convert the laptop to tablet thanks to its touch screen and that’s a very interesting possibility.

Google to launch the best of the Pixel C and the Chromebook in a single device, but yes, we will have to wait to 2017 to see her in the market and to know something more of it. Will Google the Pixel 3 before its release? Does the MWC 2017 will be a good time to do so? Does the presentation of Android 8.0? We are eager to see…

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