Google PhotoScan is now able to capture images with best quality

Descubre Photo Scan: la herramienta de Google para digitalizar todas tus fotos

last month, Google took advantage of the closeness of the christmas season to launch its new application designed to digitize our memories. We talk about PhotoScan, the app from the big G that allows us to capture pictures in physical format with the purpose of digitizing them and be able to store them indefinitely.

The problem of the application, is that, in principle, its operation was not entirely correct. PhotoScan was only able to capture pictures with a resolution of 3 megapixels, with the lack of quality that it involves,

Fortunately, the application has now received an update to improve this section, and now allows to capture images with a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels, in addition to other exciting developments that we detail below.


This update of PhotoScan, you can already download it from Google Play, also includes certain improvements related to the intelligence of the application. And is now the auto-cropping done on the photo is much more accurate.

in Addition, it will not be necessary –although it continues to be recommended–, keep the photo to capture on a flat surface with no lines or objects that may confuse the application, since the improved algorithm is included in this update, PhotoScan is able to detect where it starts and ends the image.

finally, and being the solution to another of the most serious problems that we encountered in the previous version, now PhotoScan will not compress in excess of the images once scanned, something to be thankful for, because until now, the end result left a lot to be desired in terms of quality.

What is certain is that PhotoScan, even with a lot of work ahead, it is a tool very interesting and useful, and thanks to these improvements, it becomes a service a bit more complete which allows us to forget about the outdated scanners and use our smartphone to digitize our best memories, now, with a decent quality.

Google Play | PhotoScan Google Photos (for Free)

have You used Google PhotoScan?, what do you think about your performance?

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