Google Maps 9.17.1 available for download [APK]

Descargar Google Maps 9.17.1 APK

New update of Google Maps with many interesting changes, especially because we can download Google Maps 9.17.1 APK. This new version of Google Maps 9.17.1 integrates many some other interesting feature, if you want to try you’ll need to download the APK to enjoy what’s new before anyone else. We tell you the new Maps 9.17.1 and how to download it:

what’s New in Google Maps 9.17.1

Good news for the more faithful to Google Maps, because the popular app of maps is updated with changes are actually interesting and that there are few. We are now in the version of Google Maps 9.17.1, a mapping application that continues to grow and that it does so with the following news:

  • Get a route, search for locations and navigate without an Internet connection.
  • Measures the distance between the points on a map.
  • USA: prices for different grades of gasoline.
  • Correction of errors.

These are the main changes of Google Maps that we can read on APK Mirror. We will be able to reach the sites offline, something that is really important, especially for do not exhaust the data. In addition to measuring the distance between points on a map.

But one of the big news comes in without doubt to the united States, because the users will be able to know the gas prices falling-level, on the basis of whether it is regular, premium, among others. The error correction is appreciated, and in addition, we have other new features.

Reviews on Google Maps

We are surprised that now Google Maps also encourages us to do reviews with their new system of points, Local Guides, in order that we will score points on the basis of what we may share with pictures, comments and more.

Descargar Google Maps 9.17.1 APK

here we leave the link of the latest version of Google Maps, that is to say, Google Maps 9.17.1 that you can already download on APK Mirror. Download secure and with all the guarantees of these guys. Don’t hesitate to try it!

do You feel like to download Google Maps 9.17.1 APK? don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about the new version of Maps from Google.

Download | Google Maps 9.17.1 on APK Mirror

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