Google Keyboard 4.1 brings synchronization dictionaries and quick access to emojis

Teclado Google material design

all know the interest of Google to go update their applications to bring more functionalities , and today, it’s Wednesday, Google could not help then updated some of its my . From today we will talk about is Google Keyboard or keyboard Google, as others known in his new version 4.1 comes cargadito of developments . Some developments that although we had seen before in other third-party keyboards, it is well to have them on the keyboard of Google.

The first of these, and perhaps the most interesting and useful, is that new keyboard version of Google has added Sync personal dictionary , a feature that we had seen in Swiftkey or Fleksy but we still had not in the Google Keyboard. The keyboard now, ask us access to a Google account, we recommend that it would normally heap up, to synchronize our devices in our dictionaries.

Once we got our account Google application cloud sync all modifications and new words added and synchronize both devices where we have our own and future gadgets in which we introduce. That way we will have our custom keyboard anywhere and all our synchronized preferences.

ActualizaciĆ³n del teclado de Google

The second novelty that brings Google keyboard is better access to emojis . The emojis are such as funny emoticons we all use in our conversations. In fact, every time we use more, and that is something that Google knows, knows and wants to improve. Therefore, in version 4.1 of Google Keyboard we find fast access to emojis when we use a wireless keyboard -I, for example, use it to take notes in class with my tablet -.

Thus, when we have an attached keyboard, just have to press the Alt key and we will display the menu emojis . Then you just have to select or those who want to plug and play. This, believe it or not, it is quite useful if you chat a lot. If you’ve ever used a wireless keyboard, you will know perfectly well that put emojis is very tedious because have to drop the keyboard to tap the screen . In this way we do it faster and saved that step.

Finally, the third development has to do with the gestural writing. Although this is a really useful function to write short words and complete sentences are writing the truth is that not work very well when they are long phrases or Google considers it a function that should further exploit . Before, fingering the space key could make a separation between one word and another, but that now you can not do . Also it removed the function of establishing the level of self-correction and added a button to activate and deactivate it.

are all developments that version 4.1 of Google brings keyboard. As always, the update is not available for all devices, but is now slowly coming. If you like to download applications from Google Play, we leave the link below , although I can guarantee that the new version have already reached your terminal-indeed, my LG G3 has not llegado- . But also you have the link to APKMirror, where it is updated and you can download all .

Google Play l Google Keyboard (Free)

APKMirror l Google Keyboard (Free)

And you do you think? Head over to Google Keyboard 4.1 brings synchronization dictionaries and quick access to emojis to leave your mark.

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