Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter are joining forces to stop the terrorist propaganda

Unfortunately, during these past years we have had to witness different terrorist acts carried out by different groups and in different parts of the world, which in most cases have succeeded to sow chaos and terror in the population.

it Is for this reason that the major technology companies, such as Facebook, have wished to to offer your support by putting in place different systems of location and communication when suffering from this type of events, and even Google decided to enable free calls through Hangouts on the time of the attacks in Belgium and Turkey does not too many months.

But now, four of the top technology companies on the planet as they are Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have decided to join forces and resources in order to end up with the terrorist propaganda that is spread through the different social networks and means of communication online, creating a database to identify the images of violent terrorism, as well as the content intended for terrorist recruitment, and remove it from the network permanently.

google microsoft twitter facebook acabar propaganda terrorista

According to Google from its official blog, today the work already done has borne fruit, and have been identified and eliminated many of the various videos and images of content end of the different media. In addition, in order to continue to progress in this aspect, the different companies will be able to add to this database in the future, under a unique fingerprint, the images and videos that they deem to be a violation of human rights.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube unite to help stop the spread of content terrorist in line. There is No place for content that promotes terrorism in our services to the consumer. When we are alert, we take swift action against this type of content in accordance with our respective policies.

The process by which companies share this information with the database, it will be completely anonymous and will not be shared with data with which to identify carriers, so that security and anonymity are insured at the time you report content that incites hatred or indoctrination of terrorism.

This is, without any doubt, one of the most important collaborations of the past few years, and it is that four of the biggest technological companies have the strength and the capacity to act against one of the biggest concerns that exist today in society.

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