Google Drive already shows the size of our backups


Android developers have been able to use Google Drive tor backups and restore data of apps and games for its users during the past two years. Android devices also have been able to make backup copies of some data such as installed applications, device settings, call history and more in Google Drive and restore them on the same device after a hard reset or on a new one.

however, these backups remained mostly hidden in Google Drive. Although it is true that you could go to the website, Settings, and then go to the tab Manage programs to see what applications are using storage space. But this was a hidden trick that only a few people knew.

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Google Drive begins to let you see the backups of the application data

Now, some users are beginning to enjoy a section of copies of security more visible in the web client of Google Drive. Is located separately, below the normal list of sections, and to expand it you can see all the devices and applications that use Google Drive for your backups.


in Addition, users have the opportunity to click on any of these to access a small pop-up that details the storage that you are using, as reported by the guys of Android Police. Although, as we have already mentioned, these changes are not yet able to be enjoyed by all users.

in Addition, with the new version of Google Drive for Android you can also access the backups. A novelty really interesting for all those who manage their applications and games through this medium. If you haven’t tried it and you’re interested in doing it, you can download Google Drive for free from Google Play.

did You ever make use of the backups in Google Drive? Do you think that is a very useful tool for users?

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