Google denies that Chrome OS will go away, and it emphasizes Asus Chromebit

Chrome en el I/O 2013
Recently in the american newspaper The Wall Street Journal appeared news (or idea) that Chrome OS could be “integrated” within Android, “deleting” as well Chrome OS on the map.

Chrome OS is another operating system from Google, targeted for portable and open source with a Linux kernel. In spite of their bandages in the area of schools and education (especially in the united States) Chrome OS has not lifted a head and has not had the expected success in great part of the world.


Chrome OS does not disappear, on the contrary, it will expand even more

apparently, WSJ do not interpret well their source and published that in 2016 Android and Chrome OS fusionarían and that a new operating system would be ready for 2017. While it may not be a bad idea, Google doesn’t have any objectives to end up with Chrome OS and its bad bands.

Today the Google Chrome team has published a blog post in which they comment that although they try to that Android and Chrome OS, is to understand as much as possible, there is no intention of “putting it together”.

Also have used to remember their new device; the Asus Chromebit, which is estimated to be released in the next few weeks in the USA. This will be able to transform any screen into a computer with Chrome OS installed, without the need of internet or tower or any other hardware the display itself. It seems to be more or less a “Mac Mini”

Google Chromebit

in Addition, in order to deny any hint of “unconcern” for Chrome OS, have reported that companies such as Starbucks or Netflix used chromebooks for their management, and that every day 30,000 of the chromebooks are activated in the schools of the united States. Pure marketing.

Be that as it may, Chrome OS was born with good ideas but still we still have a long way to equal or replace OS such as Windows or Linux. The fact that it is an OS built-in a laptop for 170$ and very useful for multimedia content, the web, or excellent at the school level has caused that continues to exist, and who knows we may become in the future.

What do you think you are about a Chrome OS? We’d love to know your opinion!

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