Google celebrates Halloween with an interactive game in its new Doodle

there Are many games and applications that have already begun their Halloween events, as Fortnite or Pokémon GO. Google, for its part, tends to take advantage of your Doodle to make a nod to this date, and on this occasion they lazando an interactive game that can be enjoyed both in computers and in mobile.

through the page of Google, the new Doodle browser offers a new and mysterious interactive game that users can celebrate Halloween without the need to install anything on their devices. It is a multiplayer game played by a few ghosts of colors that compete for the highest number of spirits of each color.

the mechanics of The game is simple, you can move the character either with the mouse or keys, in the case of the computer, or with the finger, thanks to a virtual joystick in the case of mobile phones. In the game face two teams composed by up to four players online each: ghosts, purple and green. The objective is not other than get more spirits that the opposing team.

Compete in online matches of up to eight players

The title begins with a brief tutorial, which Google explains the mechanics of the game. The map is a mysterious mansion where you will find a series of spirits of the blue color that the user must collect and return to the den of the color that corresponds to it, and this way you will adding points and gaining a number of skills, such as a greater speed. In addition, you can also to steal the spirits of the opposing team passing over them.

This interactive game multiplayer presents a number of open items with a limited amount of time, even you can create private games to play with friends. To do this just by sharing a link that is generated with those that want to enjoy the game.

The new game that Google has dedicated to Halloween is totally accessible without the need to install or download anything, and can to enjoy so much in computers as in mobile. Just access the page of Google and enjoy a title that is addictive and mysterious.

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