Google Assistant joins with Google Keep to save your shopping list

Google Assistant, and Google Keep are two tools that work wonderfully separately. However, for the large G is not enough, and therefore have been responsible for introducing a new function that is already landing on Google Keep, and in other applications of third-party lists.

To enter in what concerns us, Google has teamed up with several tools that function like apps notes so that we can create our shopping lists from the wizard, and that the same are automatically saved in the application. These are all the platforms that have the function.

All third-party apps that support Google Assistant

In total we have 10 applications that work as tools, lists, and notes for different devices: Google Keep,, Todoist, Bring!, Out of Milk, Picniic, All, OurGroceries, AnyListy Remember the milk.

In all and each one of them you’ll have the new option will also have a main tab that will allow you to create a shopping list just by using your voice very easily. This is the aspect that will have.

The new feature, with a section from the Google Assistant

As you can see in the screenshot submitted by the website XDA Developers, of Menlo Park have designed a specific portal to choose from the list app default, create a list with the things you buy or do, and to manage the same without having to re-enter to the official website of the vendor notes.

To understand it better, you have the possibility of creating a list with everything you need to buy for dinner only with your voice. If you enter the command Ok Google – Shopping, you’ll be able to manage the list and the same will be synchronized on the default app, either Todoist, Google Keep or any of the others.

More details regarding the integration of third-party apps with the wizard of Google

Then focus on the update of a reduced version of the wizard mobile europe, the company has let know that this new tool can be used from a supermarket so you do not have internet connection.

in Addition to this, it has been discovered that speed nor disappoint so that you can create lists just by using your voice. What more do you want? it is not Yet known when will the update officially, but we expect to begin to land in the next few days.

With all of the above, what do you think you will need the wizard of Google to stop on the way to the other virtual assistants?

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