Google and Facebook, are the victims of a scam of $ 100 million

No matter how large a company; it is never 100% safe in respect to their safety. Recently I greet the light that Facebook and Google have been victims of a scam of $ 100 million.

The author of the scam is the Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas, who last march was indicted by the FBI and the States of New York, have made a phishing campaign had cost $ 100 million to two of the largest companies in the united States.

How is carried out the scam to Google and Facebook?

According to the Department of Justice of united States, it all began in the year 2013. At that time, Evaldas Rimasauskas used forged documents to impersonate the hardware manufacturer taiwanese Quanta Computer; a well known company for being a supplier of companies such as Apple and Amazon. His aim was to deceive these companies to pay him for the parts he bought; and, strange as it may seem, the plan worked.

In little more than two years, the scammer received transfers 100 million dollars of Google and Facebook, until the companies realized that it had all been a scam. In the beginning, both companies had done everything possible to keep their identities under wraps, although they finally admitted that they are the victims of the case.

Now, Evaldas Rimasauskas is under custody by the authorities in Lithuania and denies all accusations.

be careful with phishing!

With what we have to stay out of this story is that if two great technology companies of the likes of Facebook and Google have fallen in this kind of scams, any of us are exposed to them. Therefore, we recommend extreme precautions to avoid being victims of phishing.

Source | Phone Arena

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