Google Allo exceeds 5 million downloads


Incredible but true…Google Allo exceeds 5 million downloads. Although the number of output may seem high, we could define it as the amount of curious users, who have downloaded the app to see how it is and that they have plenty of space in its terminals to do so… since the problem is that no one is using it. Well, someone yes, but we will, that very few users.

Google could not that G+ would succeed, and now you try this with a new and popular messaging service, Google Allo, which stands out because it is smart to have Google Assistant. We have talked about 5 reasons to use Allo, the problem is always the same, that the majority of users use WhatsApp and don’t want to change to another service. Telegram has managed to stand out on the topic of bots… many users install it just for this, but what Allo will attract users?

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Google Allo exceeds 5 million downloads

we Cannot ignore that these numbers are interesting. Remember that Google Allo came to the Play Store on the 23rd of September and in two days, already exceeded the barrier of one million downloads. The figures in downloads were good in your time, the problem is that users that have installed (or at least most), have not returned to open the app.

Not everyone has 32 GB of storage at least to be able to install all the apps that were antojen. The users prioritized. And there are also many types of users, such as those that have not heard of that Allo there. WhatsApp works by the mouth-to-mouth, who knows if in the future, Allo also.

Today, if you do not use WhatsApp are rare, but Allo…

Until the companies are in WhatsApp in order to solve doubts of their customers. It will be difficult to unseat WhatsApp because these guys have become essential. Although starts to use Telegram because of the bots and now we have storage for many apps, you will certainly have to wait until you see many users in Allo.

we Expect an integration with Duo, because having two apps separate would work well together, it’s a little strange.

have You installed Allo and what you use it for?

Come, take a download, and convinces your friends to see if you like:

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