Gogotick: The application for sharing photos of events in Android

Gogotick is an application that allows you to to share photos of the events you go. Gogotick provides privacy and it can create groups with which to share and to communicate in writing. In this way the participants will return from their events with all of your photos in a simple way and private, in addition to being organized by events.

on the other hand in the form of public events you can follow your idols and favorites, or view those that pass near your position. And in this way as a wizard just like when you create a private event which we have discussed before, you will have the privacy with your group or groups, the possibility of communicating and finally your private album of the event.

Gogotick premium on the simplicity and privacy

This App will be of great help if you are in charge of organizing an event, a wedding, a party, etc.. Gogotick allows you to to control the diffusion of your event, from the total privacy of a family celebration or in which only you will be the friends, to a party or concert. A feature that we liked is that once created you can promote the event among the public that you want, simply by sharing the url of the event through the networks that you want.

Those who receive the link can view it directly in the app or download Gogotick totally free to register and view the event. Once you are gogotickers will be able to see the event returning to click.

what’s New in Gogotick: New chat and working offline

Gogotick takes a time available and your team has commented that the new version has some other novelty that you can try. This is a bulletin board where participants can write and communicate, both in the general event, as in every private group that you create.

From Gogotick tell us they don’t want to call it “Chat”, they understand written communication in the events as something that allows you to enjoy the event without the anxiety that we sometimes feel by the continuous bombardment of messages. Yes, it is still like a kind of forum.

Gogotick worked hard to improve the service

With Gogotick both you and your guests will have the photos and memories of the event, gathered in an album, particular and private. The privacy is achieved in a very simple way, it suffices to create groups to share photos privately.

Gogotick says to us that is working very hard to improve in all aspects of the application and the service. They will appreciate your feedback for be better every day. In the next versions of the app will be possible to share photos with people nearby without the need of connecting to the Internet. What do you think? This new Spanish startup has been selected to be present in the MWC 2017

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