GoEuro, discover the best deals for your travel ticket in one click


GoEuro is an application that works as a comparator offers bus tickets, train and plane to travel to anywhere in Spain and Europe. This app comes to trying to bring the user’s pocket functionality of its website, which, of course, it works just like offering compares trip 33,000 tickets for destinations throughout Europe .

Despite this apparent simplicity, GoEuro has over 5,700 connections stations and airports across Spain, making it a great option to look for ways to move nationwide.

The truth is that today travel price comparators there are many , but applications as GoEuro have a great advantage on such web pages. In many cases, these sites are quite obsolete, have an interface that works slowly and wrong and, rather than provide the traveler the task of finding a passage to move, make a note book is an ordeal. Given the advantages of having a power app as GoEuro for such necessities is not surprising that its use is widespread.

Using the application

The modus operandi of GoEuro is very simple: We introduce the locality, we introduce the destination location, how many passengers are traveling, if there are children or babies and the date on which we travel .Acto followed us show you a list of options Default ordering the cheapest first, indicating travel by train, bus or plane.

will also be possible sort by length or time of the trip . Once we choose how we are going to move, the following will press on the ticket that we want to buy, so we will take you to another screen where you can buy it.

One feature that I really liked is that of GoEuro will not exit the application to make the reservation with some providers such as RENFE but you can do everything from within the application, which connects itself with the central reservation and does not require a browser to go to the ticket. This is a great plus to consider.


goeuro in app

The interface is GoEuro simple, attractive and intuitive , with a sober and elegant design, where everything is at a glance, and which can be accessed anywhere blow click. Usability is very good, and we could say that the interface perfectly fulfills its mission.



After testing the application and to compare results with those casting its web performing the same searches in one place and in another, and indeed finds prices are the cheapest . If later this summer or Christmas -Dates, for example you plan to take a trip to European countries or within Spanish borders, GoEuro is the best choice to plan it.

The simplicity of use, elegant interface and the ease with which you can buy tickets through the application -being the latter perhaps the most important to take into account- looks are three aspects too assess when deciding on GoEuro to book the tickets for our travel.

goeuro 1
goeuro 2
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Google Play Store | GoEuro (Free)

And you do you think? Head over GoEuro, discover the best deals ticket for your travels in one click to make your mark.

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