GO to Tools, radar legal Pokémon GO

GO Tools is a radar Pokémon GO that is capable of locate Poképaradas and gyms. If you still play Pokémon GO, this tool is perfect for you, because it will allow you to go beyond. So if you want to have a radar full of truth for tracking Poképaradas and gyms, this one is perfect for you.

The Interface you can see in the following image. As you probably read Pokéfind. But this app is GO Tools and it is legal, radar legal for your favorite game. Below we tell you all that it is capable of doing.

GO Tools, el radar legal de Pokémon GO

GO to Tools, radar Pokémon GO

This app Go Tools shows you information about Pokémon organized by type. You can get information of the past that have appeared and that have been located in the game. It is quite useful, because in addition to account with a map that allows you to see in real time the Pokémon around.

What is very important is the filter, because it will allow you to choose if you want to to locate also Poképaradas and gyms, so that you can map your route to success and don’t walk half-lost by your city. If you want to be efficient and take the maximum of things in record time, will help you.

But this does not end here… it goes. The game also has 2 calculators. A to calculate the IV and the other to measure the CP. So you’ll have to hand all of this information. You can also add sightings to collaborate with other users. As you can see this app is one of the most complete that exists, so it is a good alternative if you still play Pokémon GO.

The Interface of the app is priceless. If you are looking for an app to complement the Pokémon GO, GO Tools for Pokemon GO is an app that is perfect for you.

The app is legal, so you can use it now

This app of Pokémon is legal, so you’ll be able to enjoy the game without limits. The only bad thing, is that the app is in English. It is totally free. Live a little bit of advertising, but it is not too annoying.

And to be legal, fear not, because you’re not going to remove you from the game.

Download now:

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