Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ, the application that accompanies the new game of Tom Clancy s

ghost recon wildlands

saga Tom Clancy’s is known all over the world, and in fact the next, march 7 will be released the new installment of the saga, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. In the game we will get in the skin of a CIA agent named Karen Bowman, which will operate under a lid in an unofficial manner as a volunteer for an NGO in Bolivia.

the mission of The agent is to create a network of agents all over the country in order to combat the influence of the cartel de Santa White and get one of your agents get to infiltrate the own cartel. The government of Bolivia will acknowledge to our NGO of spying and there will begin the revolution.

Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ, enters the world Wildlands at any time

With the application Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ we have the possibility to enter the world of Wildlands in any time of the day and in any place. It is a base of operations staff which includes the necessary tools to be able to manage your military movements in Bolivia.

With the application, we will be able to connect to the game in real time and use the satellite view to to receive information and draw up strategies both in the individual as cooperative, in addition to send resources to the rebels.

Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ

in Addition to this the application will be – compatible Ghost Recon Network, in this way we will be able to receive the latest news about the game in real-time. It includes a chat so that we can contact our friends and draw up plans to defeat the cartel.

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