Get the skin of Barley Mage on Brawl Stars

In just a few days of its official launch on Android, Brawl Stars has achieved over ten million downloads in the Play Store. And is that Supercell know what they are doing and Brawl Stars is a sample more of what they are capable of.

many consider this the best shooter game has launched a new skin (the second since its release). It is the skin of Barley Mage, the well known character of Clash of Clans, and here we’ll explain how you can get one.

Get your own skin of Barley Magician free

As you can see in the video the skin not only changes the appearance of your brawler, but also the way of shooting is also changed by the well-known fire of this character.

To get it you just need to connect with Supercell-ID, a login that allows us to sync our games in any game of the company. If you have not turned on in the other titles of the brand, you leave a link to learn how to register at Supercell ID. And ready, you’ll be able to enjoy your skin of Barley Mage.

And if you have not yet downloaded Brawl Stars what are you waiting for? we leave you Here the link, in addition to 5 tips for winning in survival mode.

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