Get the shoes most beautiful Xiaomi, the Sneakers 2

Xiaomi is one of those companies with a catalogue of infinity. We already know that the chinese firm is allied with quality brands to launch interesting products and their sneakers it is not worth letting them escape. Xiaomi has some that are smart but those are a bit more expensive.

we Talk about on this occasion of the Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 2, sneakers with a design that falls in love with and are really comfortable. Are perfect for sport and we have just found by only 43 euros. do you Want to know more about them?

Xiaomi Sneakers 2, a very interesting option

you Can buy these shoes in 5 different colors: black, white, blue, orange and black (with black sole). They are very light and in the outside we found a synthetic material that is breathable and promotes the aeration of the foot. The sole, however, has rubber and several layers that make it very comfortable and durable.

we Find technology INFUSE in the outsole, this gives cushioning and elasticity, achieving a footprint much more comfortable and natural. In terms of sizes we can find numbers from 36 to 46 in many colors. They are available both for boy as for girl. On the web that I recommend you can find, below, the size guide does not equivocaros with your.

¿What type of use you can give to the Sneakers 2?

In terms of the quality of the shoes you will be able to find a performance similar to a shoe brand. That yes, keep in mind that they are not running shoes advanced, but rather the typical tennis shoes for walking, go to the gym, running sessions are not too long, etc, that Is to say, the classical shoe beautiful and quality for sport or dress, but not to run in long sessions.

Without a doubt, they are very original and high quality. You’ll be amazed how this product if you are looking for a shoe, and if you compare the price with other brand of a similar quality, will probably be the double or the triple. what have you tried?

¿Where to buy them?

you Still have 6 days to get the Xiaomi Sneakers 2 for only 43€ at Geekbuying. The shipping is free and if you use normal shipments do not have any additional cost of customs.

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