Get rid of the zombies that get in your way in Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2

Who does not like the theme of undead or better known as zombies? is something that we love most, whether in films, series or in this case videogames . Some who have brought us are Alice in Zombieland a shoot ’em up fun and casual, successful Plants vs Zombies 2 or Zombiewood.

Today we come with one, which we know from AndroidAuthority has launched The second part of the game of survival aboard your vehicle called Zombie Highway 2 , which follows the same mechanics of the above along with graphics improved, new sound effects, new cars and weapons, plus nitro boost.

The gameplay is simple but fun: we conduct a large armored vehicle by an infested road zombies that never ends, they jump to the vehicle and we try to get rid of them by any means at our disposal as are weapons of all kinds, throwing the obstacles found or built-nitro speed. The goal is to get as far as possible without falling into the car and take control.

The latest news from the previous in the series are these:

  • Game completely renovated, new mechanics.
  • 6 cars redesigned.
  • 17 upgradeable weapons and 4 new super weapons.
  • 10 types of zombies, 4 of them new.
  • 58 goals to beat.
  • A single daily challenge.
  • New Road, randomly generated with different highly detailed environments.
  • Friends can help in your game.

Zombie Highway 2 ingame
Zombie Highway 2 screenshot
Zombie Highway 2 vehicles

As usual, includes only known integrated into the application purchases, which of course and as we always say, are dispensable although if you choose them get a superior advantage over the free version . The game is completely new and only takes a few days for Google Play, so it is constantly updated and improved, so that is a plus for those who decide to start a new adventure on the road Zombie Highway 2.

Google Play | Zombie Highway 2 (Free)

And you do you think? Head over rid of the zombies that get in your way in Zombie Highway 2 to leave your mark.

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