Get ready for Halloween with these zombie games for Android

Halloween is very close and there is nothing better than preparing our mobile to celebrate a date in which the fear and terror they say this. Here today we are going to show you what they are the 5 best zombie games that you can download for your Android. Some of these games were released at the beginning of 2018, and others received a great update throughout this year.

Zombies and action in a single place

Looking for thoroughly give Play Store, we have been able to find 5 free games that meet the thematic zombie with the genre action. And besides all this, we were able to give with free games, although some have purchases inside the app, something which I personally detest but that is more common than it seems.

Zombie Gunship Survival

This is one of the few games from the list that came to the Play Store this year. The same will allow you to fight hordes and hordes of zombies with a team of up to four characters. The graphics are very good and the gameplay is very well done.


The spiritual successor of Dead Triger 2 takes the name of Unkilled, and as its name indicates, is a game in which the main objective is to not die. The title has two game modes, an offline with missions and other on-line where you can fight against other players.

The Walking Dead: Our World

The last installment of the saga The Walking Dead brings everything that fans have asked the company that develops this type of games. As it is a game in the best style of Pok√©mon Go where you’ll have to wander the world in order to survive hordes of zombies, find items and improve your equipment to not die in the attempt.

Last Day on Earth

If you like the games of survival, since Last Day on Earth is the game you have to play. It is a title where you will have to to search for objects, build items, and delete zombies without dying in the attempt. If you’re looking for an adventure challenging, because this game is offered free of charge.

Kill Shot Virus

games first person shooter have evolved a lot in the world Android. A clear example of this is Kill Shot Virus, a free game that will allow you to make more than 100 quests to save humanity from a zombie attack.

As you can see, are action games full of undead. If you don’t like the theme, as these titles will not be of your liking. But if the thing is different, then these games will take away many hours of sleep.

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