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Although Google Play is the quintessential app store, there are some others like Amazon Apps Store or Playboard that from them, we can get different content for our terminal.

If sometimes overwhelms us countless applications that exist in both stores, for that there are applications like Appeer that through recommendations from other users, be our friends or strangers get a timeline where they will be displayed those used by users and instantly we can download and try .

The Appeer application follows a unique automatic algorithm, where the recommendations are generated without lifting a finger to move-only and update the list-and we appear more prominent by users, which thus avoid searches and endless testing multiple applications where for most, never end up convincing, whether it’s by design, functionality, efficiency and comfort, or even battery consumption.

Of course that’s good system very similar to Google Play recommendations with our friends in Google+ even more effective and more structured and clearly. Of course the app is free and is available for immediate download Are you waiting for to try it?

Google Play | Appeer (Free)

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