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Back to school, which started this September, do you start a new cycle in the life of the students and parents of all Spanish homes. Routine is our daily life and the work we have to do is not enough (to a greater or lesser extent depending on the course on which we are enrolled).

is always good to have organized our work, exams or assignments and to this end, we will teach five of the best calendars so you can organize yourself in the best way possible.

Google Calendar

The famous Google calendar, default application in many of our smartphones is one of the best options when you have organized our work . Upon entering we found a simple and neat interface monthly view with our events in different colors.

Moreover, view of the agenda is clear . Here we can see the events that are coming and, to the delight of many images each month in the calendar.

google calendar capturas

But that’s not all, among we can options attachments of Google Drive to create an event making that integration is a good option to attach tasks or stored notes .

Google Play | Google Calendar (Free)


Another famous calendars for our Android devices is aCalendar . This is a complete application with a good design (although this is not as careful as Google Calendar) with which you have organized your events in a very simple manner.

have multiple views , from the month view to the day view events. Yes you can throw in lack of view schedule (only available in the paid version) to better see our events but on the other hand, a point in its favor is its daily view, which is very comprehensive . In it there are events on that day left, on the other hand are right on with your number and an icon to add a contact’s birthday is. Bottom, we find the small view. Undoubtedly one of the sights of day that struck me most of all calendars .

a calendar capturas

aCalendar comes in two versions, the free version , which we have spoken, and the paid version aCalendar + brings extra features such as vision agenda, more options etc. notification.

Google Play | aCalendar (Free)

Google Play | aCalendar + (2.99 euros)

Sunrise Calendar

One of most striking calendars is undoubtedly Sunrise Calendar. The application obtained by Microsoft in February 2015 has a very neat unique design, and care Sunrise making it a great choice for lovers of minimalism .

His views, are limited, since we only have two of them . A view that found at the top of the month and at the bottom the events that will happen on the day including the right weather at your location and, on the other hand a view of the schedule type where we see the days of the week and events.

A unique feature of this application is called Meet . Meet it is one way to schedule an event . It consists of a keyboard that must be properly configured before use and which can be selected from a very comfortable way times for our event . Once this is done, we get a link we can share with whoever we want .

sunrise calendar capturas

Comments on Google Play about Meet are:


Sunrise also includes Meet, the quickest way to schedule an individual meeting. Meet is a keyboard that allows you, without leaving the application in which you are, choose unassigned time you have on the calendar and send them to anyone you want through a simple link. You will never schedule meetings otherwise.

Google Play | Sunrise Calendar (Free)


Another application that have surprised me is DigiCal. ** With a calendar that you can find out the time of your location ** without using time applications (eg collection we did at the time).

With DigiCal you can change practically seven calendar views (day, week, weekly calendar, monthly calendar, textual month, year and vertical and horizontal view list) . Month view shows the days and events and the time it will make the current day and the two following icons. Just below, we find weather information.

digi Cal capturas

Passing the selection menu view, see an image with weather information in our area , which will save us from a bind more than one day (not to forget the umbrella before leaving for instance). In contrast, just as we have seen in aCalendar , DigiCal also brings a paid version, which adds extra features.

Google Play | DigiCal (Free)

Google Play | DigiCal + (4.95 euros)

Today Calendar

Last but not least, Today Calendar it is another bet for calendar applications. This application has a Layout who will stay in love with the application.

In itself, it is a simple application . It features multiple views, which can destarcar monthly in its design Material means you can view events and meetings with great clarity.

today calendar capturas

Moreover, the view agenda will help you visualize the tasks you have in your everyday life. The view selection is similar to DigiCal , showing the time it now does at the top also counting on a night mode to display all night.

Once you have downloaded this application we have a full week of testing which made after this period you have to buy the version Pro

Google Play | Today Calendar (Test 7 days)

Google Play | Today Calendar Pro (3.33 euros (in offer))


Whatever schedule you have in your smartphone is a good idea to have at least an application to organize properly and have your appointments or timed tasks at all times .

You may not be lover applications Today Calendar for its simplicity but you can always use more. However, I would choose Google Calendar or Sunrise Calendar because, besides being free, are fairly intuitive and innovative (especially Sunrise with Meet ).

And you would you choose these calendars? Would you use others?

And you do you think? Head over organized with the best schedules Android for back to school to make your mark.

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