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The guys at PayPal have surprised us with news that you will like for sure, because it is € 2, free on Google Play with PayPal. I don’t know if you have to use PayPal to make a purchase in the Google Play, I at least recommend it because it is very comfortable, especially now that we have learned of this great promotion that will be in force until 10 April. We tell you more, because insurance that you are interested in the news:

€ 2 free with PayPal and Google Play

2 euros gratis paypal google playthere is No trap or cardboard, what we see in the following image, because with PayPal and the Google Play Store we will get 2 euros discount. It is an offer, which we may use in the next purchase same always and when it is valid. The conditions we see in the following quote:

“PayPal offers you 2 euros credit when you spend 4 euros in The offer is valid from march 15 to April 10, 2016. Offer limited to 8,000 first purchases with PayPal in Cannot be used more than once. Limited time offer for PayPal users in Spain”.

As we see in the terms and conditions of this offer, is valid only for the PayPal users in Spain and the first to 8,000 shopping. What we do not know, nor can we assure you is that you complete the quota, so we don’t recommend that you spend 4 euros on purpose so that you arrive 2 discount. But if you have to buy something, yes, you can take advantage of the offer, because as soon as spend 4 euros in the Google Play by paying with PayPal, you will receive 2 euros of credit that you can spend until the 10th of April.

the Promotion is valid until the 10th of April

is Not that it is too long to take advantage of the offer since the 10 of April is just around the corner, but if you want to buy something, it is time for you to do so and pay with PayPal to enjoy the 2 euro discount, which will allow you to buy another game or what you want. It is very comfortable!

don’t hesitate to leave us a comment if you have any problem with the promotion. Remember that it is a thing of PayPal and Google Play, and you’ll be able to make the purchase that you want. How to enjoy the 2 euros for free! Tell us if it has worked, my buddy Carlos who has already tested.

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