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Gamer ID Google

Google+ is going to have to leave little by little room for apps with Google profile ever manage by themselves. As we all know that Google has taken the failure of Google+ and now the Google Play Games will no longer be linked with Google Plus, as many had feared.

Google has announced that there will now be a new way to log in to Google Play Games and save our games, the way passes by to continue using Google Play Games but to improve the user experience and to use a differentiated profile, the Gamer ID.

Google Gamer ID, the profile of Google Play Games

Gamer ID will come to all devices in a matter of weeks, as the release date goes started slowly in the different regions of the world until it is completed. Each user can create their own profile without the need of linking your Gmail account with Google+ to avoid that the login is a bit cumbersome. In this way you will be able to share achievements and challenges with many people, without losing the anonymity.

players will Now be able to create a profile with a nick that does not go over 20 characters and choose one of the 40 avatars (or more) that are available. In addition to that, the nick of the Gamer ID will be unique since no one else will be called as us and that is why it is important to create the Gamer ID as soon as possible. Maybe Google let us search people by alias in the future for create a platform game, the games on mobiles are already a reality and there are better multiplayers in these small devices.

in Addition to that we also make it clear that we will be able to continue to link our Gamer ID with the Google account but that now we will decide whether our activity is public for the contacts or, on the contrary, we want to stay in the anonymity. We may even be able to link our email to our known to find us easily.

The latest improvement of Gamer ID is also important, as you will only have to login once in the mobile and ready, you will not have to log in to the Gamer ID on each game that you open as it happened until now.

Source | official Blog of Android

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