Galaxy S7 would have microSD and screen curve from top to bottom

galaxy s7 curvo y microsd

it Seems that much, but every time there is less to figure it all out in the Galaxy S7. Today we have received new rumors that speak of 2 versions (a Galaxy S7 small and a Galaxy S7 larger-screen curved. The good thing about all this is that we have new data that confirm these versions in addition to a possible slot for microSD cards. We extend:

Galaxy S7 with microSD and screen curve from top to bottom

the new data in The Galaxy S7 confirm the screen 5,2 inches to the smaller version, and a screen display of 5.7 ” to the larger version, which will come with curves, but there is even talk of a screen curve from top to bottom. How 4 curves for the new Galaxy S7 Edge?

galaxy s7 curva de arriba a abajo

Samsung is patenting this screen curved from top to bottom, so that it could be very interesting as we see in these prototypes, intended for the new Galaxy S7 Edge, which is expected in February.

it Is clear that they are still rumors, but every time they charge more life, and a flexible screen curved from top to bottom could appeal to the users. Do we have navigation keys virtual? Is another possibility that we also see in the above photo, and that leave us good feelings.

Another surprising fact, is that both the Galaxy S7 as the senior companion equiparía slot for microSD, so that would be in front of a terminal with many more possibilities. It is curious that we go back to the slot, as the Galaxy S6 does not have, so add this storage option to older would be interesting.

For the time being we do not have more data on the Galaxy S7, but it is certainly surprising that we have all these new features. We are happy to know what slot of microSD, but also the possible version curve more flexible and curve that never. we will See if it is true.

What do you think about these new features of the Galaxy S7? What convinces you or you expect more?

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