Galaxy S7 Plus: New renderings confirm screen 6”

galaxy s7 plus renders

That going to be the Galaxy S7 Plus is a reality, because we already have filtering renders we show that in march we will be able to add to cart the new Samsung flagship on this occasion, also in large size. Of this smartphone, we look forward to many good things, especially a lot of power, screen quality awesome and have no problems with the battery life. Don’t miss also the other Galaxy, because we have news about your screen size:

Galaxy S7 Plus: Renders

we can Already get an idea of how it will be the new Galaxy S7, because these renders let us clear some of their physical features. What most of us have been shocked, have been the dimensions of screen of these 3 new flagships from Samsung, that unless changes will be the following:

  • Galaxy S7: 5,1 inches.
  • Galaxy S7 Edge: 5.5 inches.
  • Galaxy S7+: 6 inches (reminiscent of Nexus 6 in the following image).

Galaxy S7 Plus: Renders

For many users, these dimensions have been disappointed, because they wanted to buy the new Galaxy S7 do not want repeat with only 5,1 inch screen. To do this, if we want more screen, you’d have to bet on the version Edge if for us the curves, in order to go to the 5.5. Or the version of Galaxy S7 Plus/Edge, that goes up to 6 and perhaps it is too large (what we see in the third picture).

A decision between small, medium and large

it Seems that we will have choose between small, medium and large. Perhaps the users would have preferred a Galaxy S7 with more screen size, but it seems that it will have to conform with the 5,1 inches except for last minute changes. Away from the rumors current in the absence of two months for his presentation.

galaxy s7 plus imagenes

As I have, users who want a large version of 5.5 or 6 inches, you can have the version curve. It is clear that Samsung knows what they are doing, keeping the size of the Galaxy S7 to the more classic, who do not want or phablet or curves, as this Galaxy S7 5.1 inches is the only one without the version Edge.

Now we just wait to the prices, because it seems that the Galaxy S7 will cost more for the famous iris scanner. What we will see.

what is the terminal of the new will you stay? What do you think the Galaxy S7 Plus filtering in renders?

Source | GSMArena

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