Galaxy S7 Active is confirmed, what do we expect?

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Samsung still has not informed the Galaxy S7 Active go to exist, however, I could have done this without realizing it because an image we have seen leaked, that comes from an application name to the compatible devices. Galaxy S7 Active is going to be, whatwhat do we expect? Something very similar to what we are seeing in Galaxy S7, but that would be equally resistant to water and dust, what we would have great novelty then? let’s Take a look:

Galaxy S7 Active, the S7 is more robust and resistant

The name of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active refers to a smartphone, “active”, is thought to active users? It seems to be. Users who buy a Active seek to have a range high but live more on the edge with him, to the most extreme situations such as the water or the falls.

Galaxy S7 Activeit Is unlikely that Samsung has included (unlike the previous year), resistance to water and dust in the Galaxy S7 because S6 Active it was just to fill these gaps in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. But Samsung Galaxy S7 solves this and is resistant to all.

What is clear, is that the Galaxy S7 Active is a reality that we will soon see, basically because it has been filtered by the own Samsung without wanting to. We do not have information on how it will be in-depth, as we hope to keep the essence of the Galaxy S7 but with some differences, as that will be a terminal more robust.

Same features but a more robust (military protection)

This means, that it would maintain the features of its brother, but would be more oriented to live it to the limit: better resistance to water, dust, all kinds of liquids, drops, etc .. More of a military type. It is also possible that we may see larger battery.

What a desire we have to see the Galaxy S7 Active! This terminal promises. What you, what you think?

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