Galaxy S6 saves the life of a man in the attack in Paris

Galaxy S6 salva la vida de un hombre en el atentado en París francia

A Galaxy S6 he saves the life of a man in the attack in Paris… The tragedy in France yesterday night left us feeling of impotence, anger, and above all a lot of pain. But there has been a case that has left us really surprised, and it’s something that happened to Sylvestre, a young came out totally unscathed thanks to your phone, specifically a Galaxy S6, which withstood the impact of the bullet.

Galaxy S6 saves the life of a man in the attack in Paris

Sylvestre is one of the big players after what happened in France, because it was able to be saved thanks to its Galaxy S6, for be using it at the time he was shot.

This guy was talking on the phone when he was shot, but the Galaxy S6 was able to stop the bullet, exploded directly in the mobile, and the guy came out completely unscathed. What we can see in the following video, in which he tells us all what happened and how you got the mobile after the impact (which is what we care about):

It’s amazing that a Galaxy S6 has been able to stop a bullet without causing any harm to its owner. The resistance of this Samsung Galaxy has saved the life of a man, falling wounded/deceased due to the impact of a bullet in this terrible attack on France.

The Galaxy S6 was the one who received the shot in place of this poor man who had no fault whatsoever to be found in the wrong place at the wrong time. “The cell that received the shot, is what saved me. Otherwise my head would have been blown to pieces,“ said the young man.

The only thing we can do is give the thanks to Samsung for having created a terminal as tough, able to save the lives of people even in this kind of situations. We never know what we will need in life, and what can save us or kill us, but without a doubt, this terminal, Galaxy S6, has been shown to be able to stop a bullet.

Recall that the 6 terrorist attacks in Paris resulted in the deaths of 129 people, including a Spanish. From here, howtochoosealaptop, we send all our encouragement and support to the families of the deceased and wounded.

What do you think of what happened to this man? Do you think that another terminal would be finished with his life? do Not hesitate on these days in the comments, in addition to support with us this incredible injustice.

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