Four reasons to buy an Android tablet instead of an iPad

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Battle Android vs iOS is not only present in the smartphones , but also found in the field of tablets . The famous iPad is Apple’s flagship product in this market, and that has to deal against the hundreds of different models tablets Android that are available.

Therefore, website we have decided to give you a few reasons to buy a tablet Android before an Apple iPad , similar to our fellow iPadizate but just the opposite, that is, their reasons for choosing an iPad rather than a tablet Android. We hope that you may find very helpful when it comes to decide for a tablet.

Much variety tablets Android

The fact that there are many companies that manufacture tablets Android, makes users have a huge variety of models to choose , whereas if we go to The tablets Apple, we have to make do with models that have the fingers. In tablets Android we have many more choices to choose, so much so that in a simple quick search can find many different, different specifications, different software designs personalized … and in the same way, we also have many sizes to choose from 7 inch, 8, 9, 10, 12 …

Tablets Samsung

therefore the variety is one of the reasons why buying a tablet Android instead of an iPad , with which a user can not enjoy that freedom decision does have the Google system products.

Wide range of prices

Hand in hand with that first point ranges are prices tablets Android, there tablets getting virtually all budgets from equipment 100 euros or less until other EUR 500 or more. Thus, almost everyone who wants to can have a tablet Android, and against, the thing is not so simple if we want an iPad. The economic factor is always important, and in these times, and go to market tablets Android clicks away to find a model that suits your situation , and remains perfectly competent.

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It is also important to emphasize that by picking one tablet Android the user has the option of paying only for what is actually used . That is, a user who will not perform tasks that require many resources, or will not play powerful games, and only use the tablet to navigate or other not very demanding applications, you will not need a hardware at the latest. You can opt for a more modest set and therefore cheaper, to comply with its requirements without problem. Meanwhile, many users who prefer an iPad, are “forced” to pay for components which in many cases never come to make the most .

Android, freedom made software

We’ve talked about the freedom to choose model, the freedom to choose price, and of course, we can not go without mentioning freedom provided by the Android operating system as a whole . The simple fact of changing launcher or add widgets to the Home screen or other screens are things that can not be done in iOS, so again, we find the limitations of a iPad . For example, we have Nova Launcher, which only weighs a few megabytes, and allows us to completely change the look of the tablet , and that includes home screens, icons, animations, menus, … On Android a simple free application from any developer can include a host of additions to enrich the user experience .

Google Nexus 9 sobre Xiaomi Mi Pad

In addition, many of the manufacturers create software really interesting, with extra features beyond those offered as standard Google’s own platform , and they do nothing but multiply the possibilities tablet , which on an iPad is unimaginable today. I mean, they come into play called layers of customization manufacturer , which can range from just minor cosmetic changes, to much deeper changes. For example, many companies often add advanced energy controls, including useful ways to save battery, or gesture controls.

Of course, for those who like to tinker more in depth, will be in their element with tablet Android, and they can rootear , and have total freedom and control over the system, to modify it in a much more broadly (in IOS there Jailbreak, but even this has its limits) and can even adjust parameters related to performance for more power at any given time or just to the contrary, to save battery power, and so on. However, with an iPad, all this is impossible. So on software is another reason why choosing an tablet Android before an iPad .

Tablets Android for everyone

On top of that, it is also worth noting that to the smallest of the house, makes much more sense of tablet Android iPad . So much so, that even there are some specifically designed and intended for children, who can serve them both entertainment including educational tool . This is complemented by the many applications available on Google Play for them, drawing, coloring, puzzles, games, …

Tablets Android para niños

In addition, Google recently announced in the Google I / O 2015 last week an adaptation of part of the application store for children and families, so that the great concern of the company is denoted in this regard . Now on Google Play can be used filters to search for content by age and enjoy special sections of cartoon characters popular , to find a much easier way, among a few other novelties for children can Use smartphones and tablets no problem, and adults may be less concerned when in use.


In short, if what you want is an tablet with a closed system in which you can only do what enables a company where a good application will almost always be paid for by standard Overall, and tablet that does not offer much freedom in choosing model and price yours is an iPad .

But if what you want is an tablet you do not limit under no circumstances give you total freedom of action and decision that fits your finances, and you can even use the small house with ease and security your tablet must be Android .

And you do you think? Drop by Four reasons to buy an Android tablet instead of an iPad to make your mark.

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