Fortnite adds the treasures buried with the last update

despite the arrival of Apex Legends, Fortnite is still one of the games of the moment. The title of Epic Games, which has a skin exclusive for View 20 and another for those that booked the Galaxy S10+, has already launched his Season 8 that has the pirates as protagonists. Now the game just to incorporate the treasures buried with its last update.

via a post on their official blog, the team of Fortnite has released the patch notes V. 8.01, which stands out by the incorporation of a new object: the buried treasure. It is a map of rarity legendary that is used to locate treasure chests buried, which are marked with an X in the place where they are hidden and which are dug up using the spout. In addition, the chests contain a lot of loot legendary.

players will only be able to carry a map at the same time, which can be found in loot, land, and chests. In terms of weapons, has reduced the availability of the rifle infantry and the macaws. In the same way, has been increased from 65 degrees to 75 degrees in the angle that players can slide for the ground without suffering damage.

The buried treasure contains a loot legendary

The title Battle Royale also added a new tournament, the test event qualifier in solo and the test event qualifier in duos. It is a new type of tournament for try out various updates of the form and in which the players will still be matched with opponents that have a points total similar.

it has Also carried out a series of corrections, as in the mobile version, which has arregaldo a bug that caused the trigger action to enter into a continuous loop pressing the shutter button with 2 fingers. In terms of the Creative mode, now the graffiti are saved and the limit of 3 for each island has been removed, and it is that every graffiti has a small impact in the meter memory

In this mode have also been carried out a series of corrections of errors, as now the billboard will be updated immediately to apply changes and own fence will not allow you to skip the language filter adult. In addition, the platforms emergence of players already will not be deleted when you destroy the box of soil on which they are placed.

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